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Champkey Premium Rubber Golf Grips (13 Pack) - High Traction & Feedback

Champkey Premium Rubber Golf Grips (13 Pack) - High Traction & Feedback

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Upgrade Your Game with Champkey Premium Rubber Golf Grips (13 Pack)

Elevate your golf experience with a fresh set of Champkey Premium Rubber Golf Grips! This value pack includes 13 grips, providing a complete set to replace all the grips on your clubs.

Enhanced Feel and Performance:

  • Proprietary Rubber Material: Champkey's exclusive high-feedback rubber material offers a comfortable feel and exceptional feedback, allowing you to sense the clubface throughout your swing for improved control.

  • Advanced Texture Control: The grips feature a combination of three micro textures, enhancing traction and club control in all weather conditions, wet or dry.

  • Traditional Taper Profile: The traditional taper profile encourages a lighter grip pressure, promoting reduced tension in your hands and a more fluid, powerful swing.

Additional Features:

  • Choice of Grip Size: Choose between standard or midsize grips to find the perfect fit for your hand size and preference.

  • 13 Grips Included: This pack includes enough grips to replace a complete set of clubs.

  • 15 Double-Sided Tapes Included (13 Grip Pack): Simplify the installation process with the included double-sided grip tapes (available in select options).

Champkey Premium Rubber Golf Grips are ideal for golfers seeking:

  • Improved grip comfort and feel
  • Enhanced traction and control in all weather conditions
  • A traditional taper profile for a more natural swing

Invest in your game and experience the difference with Champkey Premium Rubber Golf Grips. Order yours today!


Color: White/Black(13 Grips with 15 Tapes)

Product spec - grip size : Standard / Midsize , core size : 0.600" round , grip length : 10.50" , weight : 50 g / 55g , 15 tapes included. 

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 7.5 x 2.2 inches

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