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Maximize Your Space: Vividwood Golf Organizer Stand for 2 Bags & Equipment (Wheels Included)

Maximize Your Space: Vividwood Golf Organizer Stand for 2 Bags & Equipment (Wheels Included)

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Tired of a cluttered garage overflowing with golf equipment? The Vividwood Golf Organizer Stand is here to save the day! This extra-large storage solution provides the perfect spot to keep your golf bags, clubs, balls, and accessories organized and easily accessible.

Here's what makes the Vividwood Golf Organizer Stand a winner:

  • Accommodates 2 Golf Bags: Store both your stand bag and travel bag with ease!

  • Ample Storage Space: Featuring 4 medium shelves, a dedicated golf club organizer, 4 removable hooks, and 2 sliding storage baskets, this organizer keeps everything in its place.

  • Soft-Edge Design: Say goodbye to scratches and dings! The shelves feature soft edges to protect your valuable golf bags.

  • Mobility Made Easy: Equipped with adjustable wheels, the organizer can be easily repositioned around your garage or storage space.

  • Secure Storage: Elastic cords keep your bags secure while the adjustable wheels allow you to lock the organizer in place for added stability.

  • Extra Golf Club Display Shelf: Showcase up to 16 of your favorite clubs and your golf flags - a unique feature not found on most organizers!

  • Multi-Sport Capable: The spacious design can also accommodate baseball bats, hockey sticks, and other sporting equipment.

  • Easy Assembly: Clear instructions and an installation video ensure a smooth and frustration-free setup process.

The Vividwood Golf Organizer Stand is the ultimate solution for golfers who crave organization and functionality. Declutter your garage, extend the life of your equipment, and find everything you need in a flash! Order yours today and experience the difference an organized space can make in your golfing life.


EAN: 0198168203675

Package Dimensions: 36.6 x 17.9 x 6.9 inches

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