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Lag Shot XL 7 Iron Swing Trainer: Unlock Distance & Accuracy for Tall Golfers (Left-Handed)

Lag Shot XL 7 Iron Swing Trainer: Unlock Distance & Accuracy for Tall Golfers (Left-Handed)

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Struggling to find a swing trainer that fits your height? Look no further than the Lag Shot XL 7 Iron Swing Trainer, designed specifically for taller golfers (left-handed)! This award-winning training aid helps you groove a more consistent swing in just 10 swings a day, thanks to its unique features:

  • Perfect Fit for Tall Golfers: The Lag Shot XL 7 Iron boasts a one-inch longer shaft, larger grip, and overall design optimized for the proportions of taller golfers, ensuring a natural feel and promoting proper swing mechanics.
  • Super Flexible Shaft: The Lag Shot XL's innovative, super flexible shaft promotes proper tempo, timing, and increased clubhead speed, translating to effortless power and potentially adding 20+ yards to your drives.
  • Improved Accuracy and Control: The Lag Shot XL's design also fosters pinpoint accuracy and solid contact, giving you more control over your shots and reducing mishits.
  • Warm-Up or Training Tool: The Lag Shot XL 7 Iron is versatile and can be used as a warm-up tool before a round, or as a dedicated swing training aid on the course, range, or even when practicing with a simulator and launch monitor.
  • Free Video Training Included:** Each Lag Shot XL purchase includes access to FREE video training sessions led by 3-Time PGA Teacher of the Year Adam Bazalgette, providing expert tips and guidance to maximize your results.

#1 Golf Swing Trainer for Tall Golfers:

Endorsed as the #1 Golf Swing Trainer and backed by phenomenal customer reviews, the Lag Shot XL 7 Iron is the perfect solution for taller golfers seeking to improve their swing, gain distance, and achieve greater accuracy on the course.

Lag Shot

Color: Blue

Model number: Lag Shot XL™ 7 Iron

EAN: 0793945282326

Package Dimensions: 39.8 x 3.1 x 1.5 inches

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