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JANUS Golf Cart with Seat: Foldable Convenience and Comfort for Golfers On-The-Go

JANUS Golf Cart with Seat: Foldable Convenience and Comfort for Golfers On-The-Go

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The JANUS Golf Cart with Seat is the perfect solution for golfers seeking a portable, convenient, and comfortable way to navigate the course. This feature-rich cart folds down for easy storage and transportation, yet unfolds to provide all the functionality you need for a relaxing round of golf.


The JANUS Golf Cart boasts a space-saving, 3-wheel design that folds down compactly (33x11inch) for convenient storage in your car trunk. Despite its compact size, the JANUS cart offers a surprising array of features, including a comfortable, telescopically foldable stool that provides a welcome resting spot during your game. The detachable wheels make setup and breakdown even faster, while the wide wheel design ensures stability on any terrain.

Finding the perfect fit is easy with the JANUS Golf Cart's adjustable handle. The handle adjusts to different heights, accommodating golfers of various ages and statures. The cart also boasts a strong frame that can support up to 60 pounds, making it suitable for carrying a variety of golf bags.

The JANUS Golf Cart is packed with thoughtful conveniences to keep you comfortable and organized throughout your round. The cart features a one-button brake system for easy stopping, a drink cup holder to quench your thirst, an accessory net pocket to store essentials, and even an ice bag to keep your drinks refreshingly cold.


Color: Black

Model Number: SUVELAM

Package Dimensions: 32.0 x 11.5 x 11.0 inches

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