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Sink More Putts with Precision: BIRDIE79 Putting Alignment Stencil & Marker Kit (360° Lines)

Sink More Putts with Precision: BIRDIE79 Putting Alignment Stencil & Marker Kit (360° Lines)

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Elevate Your Putting Game and Drain More Birdies with the BIRDIE79 Premium Putting Alignment Stencil Kit!

Unleash Putting Perfection:

  • 360° & 180° Creative Line Combinations: This innovative stencil allows you to draw various 180° lines and combine them for a total of 360°+180° of creative marking options, helping you visualize perfect putting alignment.

  • 5 Alignment Options: Choose from 5 distinct line configurations, including a full 360° line, a half triple track, a standard 180° triple track, and more. Find the alignment style that best suits your putting stroke.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: The BIRDIE79 stencil's triple track lines are designed to be virtually identical to those found on popular triple track golf balls. However, this stencil offers superior functionality with its 360°+180° combined lines for unmatched precision.

  • Versatile for All Shots: While ideal for putting, the triple track lines can also be used with driver and iron shots, providing valuable visual cues for improved direction and accuracy.

  • Confidence-Boosting Performance: By promoting proper alignment and focus, the BIRDIE79 stencil empowers you to sink more putts and convert birdie opportunities into reality.

The BIRDIE79 Putting Alignment Stencil Kit Includes:

  • BIRDIE79 Putting Alignment Stencil
  • 3 Colored Marker Pens
  • Gift Box

Invest in BIRDIE79 and start holing more putts today!

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.6 x 1.7 inches

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