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Master Your Game Like the Pros: Arccos Gen3+ Smart Sensors (Auto Tracking & A.I. Rangefinder)

Master Your Game Like the Pros: Arccos Gen3+ Smart Sensors (Auto Tracking & A.I. Rangefinder)

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Unleash Your Inner Champion with Arccos Gen3+ Smart Sensors - Golf's #1 Performance Tracking System!

Dominate the Course with Automatic Tracking & A.I.-Powered Insights:

  • Automatic Shot Tracking: The Arccos Gen3+ system takes the guesswork out of your game with automatic shot tracking, capturing every swing for effortless data collection.
  • A.I.-Powered GPS Rangefinder: Get more than just yardage! The Arccos Gen3+ boasts the first-ever A.I. rangefinder that adjusts for wind, elevation, temperature, humidity, and altitude, giving you the most precise yardages in the game - the Arccos Caddie Number.
  • Personalized Caddie Advice: Leverage the power of A.I. with personalized insights and strategic recommendations tailored to your unique game.
  • Smart Club Distances: Gain valuable insights into your actual club distances in various weather conditions, allowing you to make smarter decisions on the course.
  • Strokes Gained Analytics: Identify your strengths and weaknesses with personalized strokes gained analytics powered by A.I. This data will guide your practice sessions and equipment choices for maximum improvement.

Experience the Arccos Advantage:

  • Free 1-Year Arccos Caddie App Membership: Unlock a comprehensive suite of performance tracking features and coaching insights within the award-winning Arccos Caddie App.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Sensors: The new Gen3+ sensors are 13% lighter and feature a long-lasting battery with power-saving mode for an exceptional user experience.
  • Improved Putter Sensor: Enjoy a sleeker, more streamlined putting experience with the new P3 putter sensor, designed to be 40% smaller and 20% lighter.

Arccos Golf Smart Sensors are Proven to Help You:

  • Winner of 4-Straight Golf Digest Editor's Choice Awards
  • Average Handicap Improvement of 5.02 Strokes in 1 Year
  • Make Smarter Decisions & Shoot Lower Scores

Invest in your game and experience the difference with Arccos Gen3+ Smart Sensors! Order yours today and take your rounds to the next level!

Arccos Golf

Color: Green & Black

model number: 80012

Part Number: 80012

EAN: 0855075005524

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.0 inches

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