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Unleash Power & Control: 2024 Callaway Men's Complete Golf Set (Right Handed, Stiff Flex)

Unleash Power & Control: 2024 Callaway Men's Complete Golf Set (Right Handed, Stiff Flex)

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Dominate the Course with Maximum Distance and Precision: This 2024 Callaway Men's Right-Handed Golf Set (Stiff Flex) is Packed with Premium Performance!

Unlock Explosive Potential:

  • Callaway Edge Driver (Stiff Flex Graphite): Experience incredible distance and accuracy off the tee with the Callaway Edge Ti Driver, featuring a stiff flex graphite shaft for maximum clubhead speed and control.
  • Callaway Edge 3 Wood (Stiff Flex Graphite): Conquer long par 4s and tight fairways with the powerful and forgiving Callaway Edge 3 Wood, equipped with a stiff flex graphite shaft for optimal power transfer.
  • Callaway Edge Hybrid #5 (Stiff Flex Graphite): Bridge the gap between your irons and driver with the versatile Callaway Edge Hybrid #5, featuring a stiff flex graphite shaft for exceptional distance and control on challenging approach shots.

Enhanced Feel & Accuracy:

  • Callaway Edge Irons (6-PW, SW) with Stiff Steel Shafts: Experience superior feel and pinpoint accuracy with the Callaway Edge Irons, designed with stiff steel shafts for increased stability and control at impact.

Sink More Putts:

  • Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 Putter: Elevate your putting game with the legendary Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 Putter, renowned for its consistent roll, soft feel, and easy alignment.

Convenience on the Course:

  • Deluxe Stand Bag: Carry your clubs comfortably and stylishly with the included deluxe stand bag, featuring convenient pockets for all your golfing essentials. (Color: Black, White, and Blue)

This complete Callaway set with stiff flex shafts is ideal for:

  • Mid to low handicap golfers seeking more power and control
  • Golfers with a faster swing speed who prefer a stiffer shaft feel
  • Men's right-handed golfers looking for a premium complete set

Upgrade your game and experience the thrill of powerful performance with the latest Callaway technology! Shop Eagle Golf Outlet today and take your rounds to the next level!


Color: Black, White, Blue


  • Complete 2024 Callaway Golf Set Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid 6,7,8,9,PW,SW Irons Odyssey White Hot Putter Stiff Flex

Details: A complete set of all the best 2024 Callaway Golf clubs. Set features Callaway Edge Irons 6,7,8,9,PW,SW all with Callaway Stiff Steel Shafts. Callaway Edge Ti Driver, Callaway Edge 3 Wood, and Callaway Edge #5 Hybrid (All with Graphite Stiff Flex Shafts for maximum distance). Includes Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 Putter, and a Deluxe Stand Bag.

EAN: 0884885655414

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